Abt Associates’ Evaluation of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Chronic Homelessness Initiative


Chronic Homelessness Initiative Evaluation

Countywide Prioritization Systems

During 2018, the homeless service system continued to enhance its alignment around the Coordinated Entry System (CES). Public agencies, including Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) and the County Department of Health Services (DHS), and community stakeholders, including Enterprise Community Partners and the United Way of Greater Los Angeles’s Home For Good initiative, brought homeless service providers, funders, and community partners together to foster the shared understanding, knowledge, and language needed to fully implement a coordinated system of care. The CES Policy Council and the CES Policy Development Workgroup continued to design principles and policies to refine the implementation of CES. New tools and data dashboards were created to report key metrics on the community’s progress on placing people experiencing homelessness into permanent housing, including PSH. However, the data provided by these dashboards does not include the information needed to detemine which PSH placements are for people with chronic patterns of homelessness.

Building and sustaining capacity continues to be the central challenge to implementing a robust CES. Public agencies and homeless service providers face capacity challenges related to staffing recruitment and retention, space, techonology, infrastructure, and funding. In 2018, LAHSA, the Home For Good Funders Collaborative, and philanthropic partners responded by supporting capacity-building efforts, offering training, technical assistance, recruitment services, and flexible funding.

Key Achievements Timeline:
Countywide Prioritization Systems


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