Abt Associates’ Evaluation of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Chronic Homelessness Initiative


Inflow into Chronic Homelessness

Opportunities for Los Angeles

Opportunities for Los Angeles

Community Opportunity: Policymakers, funders, and researchers should try to understand the factors behind inflow into homelessness and chronic homelessness. This may include supporting research, assessing the implications of research findings, and working with other systems of care to test approaches to preventing vulnerable people from becoming homelessness or developing chronic patterns of homelessness.

Potential Foundation Opportunity: Continue to support evaluation efforts and convene stakeholders to disseminate research findings and brainstorm on community solutions to inflow into homelessness and chronic homelessness.

Community Opportunity: As the community launches new programs, ensure that entities tasked with implementation are tracking client outcomes, evaluating program impacts, and including proactive learning and the ability to incorporate lessons learned into the models.

Community Opportunity: As the community scales outreach efforts, there is a greater need for coordination and communication among homeless outreach teams and outreach coordinators.

Potential Foundation Opportunity: The Foundation should ensure that service providers and other community agencies conducting outreach have the technology needed to communicate and coordinate with one another in real time. By brainstorming with these stakeholders on what is most needed in the field to facilitate this coordination and communication.