Abt Associates’ Evaluation of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Chronic Homelessness Initiative


During 2018, the Los Angeles community explored new ways to develop permanent supportive housing (PSH) at a faster pace and to expand the use of housing subsidies in the private rental market. Local and state policymakers worked on tools to remove obstacles within the development process and prevent discrimination in the rental market.

As a result of these efforts, PSH development is moving forward at a faster pace than the Los Angeles community has seen traditionally. As the community scales its efforts to create more affordable housing at a faster pace and to offer PSH residents case management services at the needed level of intensity, housing developers, homeless service providers, and administrators of housing and service programs face capacity issues. Public agencies and funders have come together to support capacity building at these entities by offering these entities flexible funding, technical assistance and training opportunities, as well as staff recruiting services.

Key Achievements Timeline:
Scaling Up the Resources


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